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Things To Immediately Do About Linconln Ne Internet

why don’t you stuff ISP you stole from other people in Nigeria I can’t do that I consider it not a certain valve without Rodney I can do that I can do this for two three months how come I can use it the United States you know between United States a leash so it’s it’s good for me to go this community free you know they really fight for the government.

over this excuse me you said what yeah ah you know it if you go system on all of you know the governor did for me and I don’t want to be that the government the government the government would be after you well yeah I don’t you know that you always actually get caught doing what you’re doing while you saving you ain’t in trouble good what you’re doing in there we could you go I had it really keys of Madrid you make use of what I bring all your.

Brain yeah so you don’t like to say detective doing what you’re doing yeah did you know that some laptops have GPS devices look ya know it he’s going to walk down here in Nigeria now you’re back you don’t exactly you’re going to walk in and he also gave them feel bringing what would happen what would happen if you did this to someone United States like to listen what if you did this to someone that’s not mentally all they’re they’re sick in the head right.

And but they got a lot of money usually facing you a laptop and they fly over to Nigeria they got a GPS tracking device on a laptop and they come touch your ass down and beat your ass up what what would happen there this hello listen forgot about the GPS yeah Thunder there’s no way there’s no way he has those names mental circles we have too many people down okay it’s all about before now yeah.

yeah do you think the ESO Vieja be expensive girls come down to India give because of or $ does bullshit yes um so if you wanna believe you told you not to be flown at about , years Ola on the town via Zola yeah the governor would be afraid well you’re saying you’re using your.