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How To Get People To Like Denver Advertising Agencies

So step three super simple but most denver advertising agencies people get this wrong because they go in trying to sell and trying to show them why that they’re gonna be able to get all these results and they go way too far in depth when all they have to do is focus on the high level stuff that they care about which is again getting leads getting sales getting you know more engagement getting more traffic rebranding you know well.

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Whatever it may be that’s the goal so focus on that when you talk to them all right guys so step four now it’s all about landing the client right so you’ve had that first meeting with them this is where again you’re going in to pitch the propose or pitch the digital marketing on it not the proposal you’re going to pitch the audit to them you’re showing them why you’re valuable right you give them that value and then at the end of that meeting you’re gonna want to say something so I’d love to set a meeting with you and talk to you about a proposal and how.

I can actually get the marketing campaign #facebook running and get the results that you’re looking for if you bike I have available time between here on Monday and here on Thursday which one of those works best for you that’s how you want to close that number one quick little tip but after you get that next meeting set all right then we’re going into talking about something more specific which is just landing the client sorry I had to check my notes real quick Paul’s gonna be landing the client or clients all right because again we’re getting into business here we want to get some clients in because that’s how you make some money so to land the clients it’s not that difficult you just have to figure out okay what is it that the customer wants to hear and this is where we look at two types of selling.